Rachael Dawes believes in Harvey Dent

The Dark Knight won’t kick our asses until July 18, but if you want to get your first look at Maggie Gyllenhaal in action as Gotham City Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes, all you need to do is click here.

It’s a video of Rachael giving a press conference about why Harvey Dent is the most qualified candidate for the Gotham City District Attorney race.

(If you want to hear Harvey’s own reasons, check out his newly revamped blog right here.)

The clip is really good. Maggie’s all poise and grace. Like an infinitely more confident and mature version of the Rachel played by Katie Holmes in Batman Begins.

I’ve always defended Katie’s work in Begins because Rachel is supposed to represent the goodness and the optimism that so much of Bruce Wayne’s life has been missing, and I really thought Katie summed all of that up beautifully.

But Maggie is such a strong, solid actress, and I’m really glad she’s playing Rachel in what’s sure to be a much harder, darker movie.

Let’s all vote for Harvey Dent, Pepsi Cola and nachos on July 18!