The April Fool got April Fooled!

The Joker’s website takes you here:

Acme Security Systems

Enter your info.

Your phone will ring.

Clearly say the password “needle” at the prompt, and you’ll be greeted by the voice of … LT. JIM GORDON!

The whole “Clown Travel Agency” thing wasn’t The Joker at all, but a trap set up by Gordon and the Gotham P.D.!

Well done, Gordon.

So I either agree to help Gordon catch The Joker, or I “go to jail for conspiracy in a criminal enterprise.”

I think I’ll help Gordon.

Because we all know what The Joker does to his henchmen.

Watch your backs out there. This city just got a lot more dangerous.

(Big thanks to my good friend Kareem for the heads-up on this.)