"Let's just say … I want to believe."

I want to believe, too.

Though it won’t debut officially until May 2, the new trailer for The X-Files 2 can be viewed thanks to our good friends over at X-Files News:

X-Files Movie: Trailer and Retrospective

Check it out!

It raises questions.

It excites.

And it … concerns.

So let’s talk about this.

First of all, it looks really scary and intense and terrifying. And it looks very emotional, too, because it’s supposed to tell us where Mulder and Scully are in their lives.

Will they be together, or apart?

I’m betting on apart.

And that hurts me.

But maybe this will bring them back together.

If they’re even apart in the first place.


David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson look fabulous, which isn’t surprising.

(Using their birthdays from the show, Mulder is 46 and Scully is 44.)

(And for the record, Duchovny is 47, and Anderson is 39; Fox executives initially thought she was too young to play Scully, and I’m way glad they were wrong.)

Is that Skinner waiting for them near the end when they get out of the helicopter?

(I loved it in “The Truth” when Mulder was so cold to Scully and Skinner the first time he saw them because he was trying to protect them, but then when he saw them later and could be himself he couldn’t stop kissing Scully and he said to Skinner, “Come here, you big, bald, beautiful man,” and Skinner said, “The only thing you’re going to be kissing, Mulder, is your sweet ass goodbye.” Sorry for the tangent.)

SciFi.com has this interview with series creator (and the new film’s co-writer and director) Chris Carter:

Carter Offers X-Files Spoiler

… in which he says that the fate of Mulder and Scully’s son, William, who was ridiculously written away to adoption land in the show’s terrible final season, will “not go unconsidered in the movie.”

My review of the show’s final episode is right here, and I have nothing more to say about it.

Well, that’s not true.

I have a lot to say.

If I had to make an X-Files sequel and I had to include the events of the final season, I’d say that the “couple” who adopted William were actually in on it with Mulder and Scully, and that Mulder and Scully picked up William shortly after leaving the hotel room where they shared the show’s final scene. And everything Scully had said earlier to Mulder in Mulder’s cell about how she’d given up William was only said for the benefit of the government agents who were undoubtedly monitoring their situation.

So it would begin with Mulder and Scully and William living a quiet life in relative hiding, and then something would happen to bring them back into action.

Hell, I’d maybe even have William get possessed by the same Evil that got that little boy in “The Calusari.” Remember at the end, when the old man tells Mulder, “It knows you now?” I always thought that should have been explored again.

But if I could do my own thing, I’d ignore the ninth season entirely and pretend that the show ended where it should have, with the eighth season finale, “Existence.”

Mulder would be a college professor. Scully would be a pediatrician. And they’d live with little William on a farm in upstate New York or maybe Pennsylvania, and something would happen and they’d be pulled back into action.

It actually looks like Scully is a medical doctor at a hospital in the new movie, given the scene she has in the trailer with Mulder about being scared by Mulder’s insistence that he needs her for whatever it is that he’s up to.

I don’t know.

I just want to believe.

And we can all believe it together in a theater near us on July 25, given that I’m able to tear myself away from The Dark Knight by then.

Thoughts on the trailer? I think it looks awesome.

And Scully totally cold-cocks somebody with a giant block of wood.