Schiff adds science to Superman cast

Earlier this week, Variety reported that Richard Schiff (IMDb) had joined the cast of Man of Steel as Dr. Emil Hamilton, a scientist who’s been both an ally and a villain of Superman in previous animated and comic book incarnations (and was most recently portrayed in live action by Battlestar Galactica vet Alessandro Juliani on several Smallville episodes).

With Christopher Meloni (IMDb) and Harry Lennix (IMDb) previously cast as Colonel Hardy and General Swanwick, respectively, we know the movie’s going to have a military element.

Schiff’s casting promises a science angle, too, which is entirely welcome, along with adding yet another familiar face from Superman mythology to one of the most amazing casts we’ve ever seen for a superhero movie.

Jami Philbrick from I Am Rogue recently interviewed Mr. Schiff, who says he’s filmed scenes with Meloni and our new Lois Lane, Amy Adams (IMDB). He’ll also share a scene with Superman himself, Henry Cavill (IMDb).

Thanks to my fellow Modern Myth Media Gentleman Josh Costella for passing this along!

Man of Steel soars on June 14, 2013! And that’s entirely too far away.


  1. Alexander Stevenson says:

    I’m so thrilled about this!  The STAR Labs stuff was always my favourite part of S:TAS, and Superman’s expanded cast is finally starting to show up in the films.  Hopefully Sawyer, Turpin and others will follow.

  2. Johnbierly says:

    Hi, Alexander! It’s a shame Green Lantern didn’t take off — I was hoping Angela Bassett’s Amanda Waller would pop up in other DC movies. 

    And I agree with you about all the STAR Labs stuff! Here’s to even more mythology popping up in the new Superman franchise! As excited as I am about Batman, I’m sad it’ll be ending. But I can’t wait to dive into the new cinematic world of Superman.

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