More potential Harvey Dent/Two Face coolness

In Batman mythology, Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent gets acid in his face as a thank-you from the mob for being brave enough to stand up to them.

The trauma unleashes a twisted second personality in Harvey with its own sick sense of morality. The result is Two Face, one of Batman’s most classic and tragic villains.

There’s a story right now on CHUD that talks about how Christopher Nolan might be approaching the character.

And it’s not a spoiler in terms of story, but more along the lines of a filming technique.

Keep in mind this is the guy who made The Prestige. Nolan is a master craftsman, careful and thoughtful. And this Two Face thing, if true, sounds awesome and will likely be spectacularly terrifying.

July 18.

Write it down.

How many times do you think we can see it on the first day?