A new Dark Knight trailer THIS WEEK?

So says this.

(I’m pretty sure that photo of Aaron Eckhart is from Thank You for Smoking, not The Dark Knight.)

Cross your fingers, kids.

It’s about to get really crazy in here.



My buddy Bill “Jett” Ramey over at Batman on Film has these updates:

6:21 AM TEXAS TIME: So, can we scratch yesterday’s update about the new TDK trailer being delayed? Since yesterday, I’ve received MANY reports from BOF’ers who work at movie theaters across the U.S. telling me that the TDK trailer #2 did ship with 10,000 BC. Here are a couple of said reports:

* “I can confirm a new TDK trailer was mixed and sent out to movie theaters — but whether they actually play it before 10,000 BC (because they’re told which trailers to play with what movie, as you probably know) remains to be seen.”

* “I work at a major theater in the Louisville, KY…10,000 BC had the new THE DARK KNIGHT trailer attached!”

* I work at a local movie theater — it is one of the biggest in my area — and we received a memo last night saying that there was in fact a TDK preview with 10,000 BC. The trailer was received in digital format labled as ‘The Dark Knight Trailer 2.’ Now I’m not saying that this is in fact the new one but it def seems it could be. I will for sure keep you posted as to whether or not I find out anything tonight. Keep up the good work.”

Since 10,000 BC hits theaters today, we’ll find out for sure pretty darn soon. I’d also be keeping an eye on IBELIEVINHARVEYDENT.COM as well…

And so we wait.