Let's all move to Camp Lisa

One of my favorite musicians, the infinitely talented Lisa Loeb, has posted some new information about her upcoming children’s album, Camp Lisa, right here.

She’ll be getting help on the album from two of her favorite musical moms, Kay Hanley and Nina Gordon, who just happen to be two more of my own favorite artists.

Kay, of course, was the singer for Letters to Cleo and has released some amazing solo stuff that you can read about here.

Nina was the sweet that made Vercuca less Salty before going out on her own and releasing two of my all-time favorite albums, Tonight and the Rest of My Life and Bleeding Heart Graffiti. More on Nina here.

The album will also feature some awesome ukulele action courtesy of …

… wait for it …

… wait for it …


This makes me wish that Camp Lisa was a real place, and that we could all live there and have a big musical BBQ, and Steve Martin could be our funny uncle and regale us with thoughtful stories of great hilarity (to the tune of some sweet ukulele).

Who’s with me?