Warner Bros. puts Justice League on "indefinite hold"

The major Hollywood trades are reporting that Justice League isn’t going to happen anytime soon:

Variety: Warner pulls plug on ‘Justice League’

Hollywood Reporter: No ‘Justice’ for Warners

Entertainment Weekly: ‘Justice League’ grounded

I think this is pretty good news. As much fun as it would be to see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman in a movie together, this movie seemed like a matter of bad timing from the start. It felt too rushed.

And apparently that’s the case, since they opted not to shoot the script as-is.

There’s some interesting stuff about casting in the articles.

This guy, Armie Hammer, was going to be Batman:


There’s a second video here.

Hammer has been rumored to have gotten the part for quite some time; my good friend Jett over at Batman on Film reported that he would be Batman way back in November, and all the major movie sites picked up the story.

My favorite was CHUD’s hilarious take on the situation.

Please read it.

It’s hilarious.


As much heat as Hammer has taken, that video of his appearance on Desperate Housewives really sold me on the guy.

He’s 6’5″ and he’s got a great voice. And since Justice League is geared more toward a younger audience, I think kids would have been pretty impressed by the guy as Batman. If this movie ever actually gets made, I’d have no problem with Hammer as Batman.

Our Wonder Woman was going to be Megan Gale. Watch this video, and look on in awe at how much taller she is than the male host of the talk show:


I’m so in love. She’s also 32 years old, which is awesome because it means they actually cast a WOMAN as Wonder Woman.

And she’s my age, which means we could date.

Gale is an Australian model and actress. In February 2005, she became the National Ambassador for an Australian organization called Kids Help Line; you can read the press release here.

So let’s look at the facts about Megan Gale:

She’s tall, she’s beautiful, she’s got charisma, she’s got confidence and she cares about children.

That’s Wonder Woman to me, folks.

I really hope that Miss Gale gets to play Wonder Woman on film at some point.

In the meantime, I hope Warner Bros. will step back and take a good, hard look at this project’s potential.

The Justice League’s 50th anniversary is in 2010. How about releasing the movie then? It would give everyone involved the time to get it right.

That time isn’t now, and I’m glad Warner Bros. had the sense to pull the plug for the time being.

Stay tuned for more news!