JUSTIFIED returns February 9! New hints for Season Two!

It’s about time! Justified returns to FX for its second season on Wednesday, February 9, at 10 p.m.

Didn’t see Season One? You can buy it right now from Amazon for just $22 on Blu-ray or $20 on DVD, and believe me, it’s worth every awesomely discounted penny. Previous coverage here, though you should probably watch the episodes first to avoid having anything spoiled.

But for those of you who’ve seen every minute of Raylan’s adventures in Harlan County so far, Sandra Gonzalez from Entertainment Weekly drops some big hints about what’s coming next.

A reader asks:

I’m so glad to see Justified getting some publicity and am hyped for the return. Is Boyd Crowder part of an overarching story or just a constant nuisance? Are they sticking to the episodic format? I liked it — they felt like short stories more than generic ‘procedural’ mysteries. Is Raylan moving out of his motel room? Are we going to explore beyond Harlan like the CA episode? Does Harlan have minorities? — LochNessTess

And Sandra answers:

I feel like I’m about to dig into a pie and I have no idea where to start. Deep breath. Okay, let’s see. Boyd is most definitely part of an overarching storyline this year, but also does a great job getting under Raylan’s skin, as usual — especially when Raylan finds out Boyd’s been sleeping under a roof that Raylan knows very well. And there’s a great (and somewhat brutal) Boyd moment coming in episode 3. Q2) Format’s about the same, I’d say. Good thing, right? Q3) Raylan is still hanging his hat in the motel at least through episode three. But don’t worry; he’s not lonely. Q4) We’re spend most of our time in Harlan at the beginning of the season. Q5) Not sure, but what I do know is that when Rachel accompanies Raylan on an investigation, they’re not very welcoming at all.

Let’s start from the top. What roof could Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) be sleeping under that could possibly get Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) so riled up? I put forth my own theory in this article I wrote last summer. Just skim on down to #10, where I wondered if the writers might pair off Boyd with his former sister-in-law, Ava (Joelle Carter), even though she seemingly finds him repulsive.

(She’s “former” because she shot and killed her abusive husband, Boyd’s brother.)

Ava was massively hurt by Raylan’s sexy hotel shenanigans with his ex-wife Winona (Natalie Zea), and Boyd has always had the hots for Ava, so … do the math. That’s my guess on that one.

Speaking of Winona, surely she’s who’s keeping Raylan company at the hotel. Sorry, Gary!

And it’s cool that Rachel will be back — she sort of disappeared at the end of Season One.

FX has all kinds of awesome new Season Two material on their official site here, including this new photo gallery for Season Two:

And finally, I took a few pictures of my snazzy new Blu-ray set.

So what do you think about the hints from EW?


  1. sweet lord, I’m all flustered at the photos. I always got a kick out of Timothy, but never really saw him a ‘sex symbol; (in The Girl Next Door, he was down right creepy). But oh my hell, his portrayal of Raylan is just so on fire. Damn can he pull off the cowboy hat and jeans.

    Great article John!

  2. John Bierly says:

    Thank you so much, Courtney! One of my favorite things about Timothy as an actor is the way he subtly shifts posture and expression. Raylan doesn’t say much — the big speeches always go to Boyd, etc. — but Timothy’s acting every second. I love the guy. Just not in the same way that you do, ha. :)

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