The Joker reaches out to the press

Press invitations to advance IMAX screenings of the IMAX Joker prologue for The Dark Knight, which will debut December 14 before IMAX prints of Will Smith’s I Am Legend, are arriving in cakes from The Joker.

Devin Faraci from CHUD chronicles his Joker cake experience right here.

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton also received a cake from The Joker; here’s the video of what was inside:


If you want to read the newspaper, go here:

The Gotham Times

And if you want to read The Joker’s hilariously mean-spirited parody, complete with clues circled in red, go here:

The Ha Ha Ha Times

How much more fun can this Dark Knight marketing get?

Answer: I’ve got a feeling we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.