Bale, Eckart and Nolan talk Dark Knight on Today

Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent/Two Face) and writer/director Christopher Nolan talked about The Dark Knight to Al Roker on Today today, and you can watch the video right here:


The new Batman costume looks awesome in motion.

However, when they’re showing pictures of the cast, the Joker photo they show is NOT Heath Ledger. It’s a picture of Conrad Veidt from a 1928 film called The Man Who Laughs, which was actually an inspiration for the Joker’s first comic book appearance in 1940.

Careless and shameful, NBC!

But I’ll forgive you for covering my most anticipated movie.

And for making sure that Tina Fey is on my TV every week.

On a side note, I’ve respected Al Roker ever since he was in that Seinfeld episode where he stole Kramer’s gyro on the subway and hit on Elaine.