Justice League: New Frontier press release and photos

One of the best comic series I’ve ever read is The New Frontier, which set the formation of the Justice League of America against the social and political backdrop of the 1950s.

(All six volumes have now been collected into an oversized Absolute Edition hardcover that’s well worth the $75 price tag.)

Darwyn Cooke wrote it and drew it with a dynamic, old-fashioned style. It’s a lovely piece of work that captures the spirit of the times and the true essences of courage and heroism.

Not to mention that the scene where Martian Manhunter morphs into various Looney Tunes characters while he’s watching cartoons (and learns to speak English by watching old movies) is one of the best scenes I’ve ever seen in any comic.

Anyway, the good folks at Warner Bros. Animation have created an animated movie based on the comic, and the animation style matches Cooke’s art perfectly.

Here are some samples:

Lois Lane and Superman share a moment

Superman and Wonder Woman don’t agree

Ray guns and sexy assistants

Martian Manhunter in his true form

Hal Jordan’s jet fighter under siege

Hal Jordan about to become Green Lantern

“I’m Batman.”

… and here’s WB’s press release, hosted by our good friends over at Newsarama.

The New Frontier hits DVD on February 26, 2008!

(WB has an official website for it right here.)