Bale, Freeman and Nolan in Hong Kong!

The Dark Knight team did some filming in Hong Kong, and our good friends over at Christian Bale Fan have posted some excellent reports and photos.

You can click on any of the photos below to see lots more.

First up, we’ve got Wayne Enterprises CEO Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) on a secret recon mission in Hong Kong:

How awesome is that scene going to be? Freeman was excellent in Batman Begins, and I’m glad to see he’ll be seeing more action with the Dark Knight in The Dark Knight.


Here are Freeman and Bale at the Hong Kong press conference on November 9:

… and here’s Bale with writer/director Christopher Nolan:

Once you’ve looked at all those photos, you can see even more right here.

Thanks to Angelic for all the hard work she does over there.

And look for Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman taking sneaky photos of the theater near you on July 18, 2008!