IMAX Joker prologue starring Heath Ledger?


Batman on Film on has now confirmed this!


Batman on Film and Superhero Hype are both reporting an unconfirmed but very exciting piece of news that IMAX screenings of Will Smith’s I Am Legend — which comes out December 14 — will feature a seven-minute prologue for The Dark Knight starring Heath Ledger as The Joker!


As my friend Kareem and I were discussing last night in our weekly comic book/movie summit meeting, such a move is colossal balls if true. It’s basically saying, “We believe so much in this actor as this character that we’re giving you a seven-minute short film showcasing him several months before the actual movie even comes out.”

Check out this article I posted way back in May, where director Christopher Nolan talks about doing some Dark Knight filming with IMAX cameras.

Nolan directs Ledger in IMAX — click for IMAX size


There’s more.

Also back in May, The Joker put up a website promising that he’d see us in December.

It’s all coming together.


If you’d like to hear Heath’s terrifying Joker laugh, watch the teaser trailer. There’s no footage, but that laugh …

More on this potential Joker IMAX mini-movie as it becomes known!