Justice League dream cast

Everybody else is doing it, so, here goes.

SUPERMAN — Jim Caviezel. He’s got a certain kind of warm kindness and a maturity blended with majestic grace. He’d be the ultimate kick-ass Superman.

BATMAN — Christian Bale. There can be only one, and there is no other.

WONDER WOMAN — Eva Green. She was mesmerizing in Casino Royale. She’s fearless and she’s gorgeous and she’s got a kind of otherworldly quality that I think is really suited to an Amazon princess.

GREEN LANTERN (JOHN STEWART) — If they were using Hal Jordan, I’d suggest Nathan Fillion or Dylan Walsh. But since they’re going with John Stewart, I’ll go with Chiwetel Ejiofor. He reminds of the way Mike Mignola drew John in Cosmic Odyssey.

THE FLASH — John Krasinski. He’s got a wonderful kind of goofy charm, and this would be a totally different kind of role for him.

AQUAMAN — Matthew McConaughey. How many thousands of paparazzi photos have been taken of Matthew McConaughey working out on the beach or swimming in the ocean? I think he might actually think he is Aquaman.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER — Carl Lumbly. He’s an incredible actor with an amazing voice and a powerful presence. And he does the voice in the cartoons, so it’s only natural.

I’m still way behind on my giant Justice League article.

And I still think it’s not going to happen for 2009.

Now it’s your turn.