Jason Bateman on Arrested Development movie possibilities

How about it, Universe?

My birthday’s coming up soon, you know.


This is my favorite bit from the article:

As such, the cast are still encouraged by ongoing industry attempts to bring “AD” back to life. But even if they end up on Showtime, HBO or a theater near you, Bateman doubts that series creator Mitchell Hurwitz and his team of writers would take advantage of their newfound freedoms. “We kind of liked being handcuffed a little bit,” he insisted.

“I know we had specific conversations about [continuing to bleep the bad language] in the event that the show went to Showtime,” Bateman said. “Would we eliminate the bleeps on the profanity? Across the board, everybody said, ‘No. You keep the bleeps in.’ It’s funnier. I don’t think we would go away from what it was, anymore than maybe some content here and there. But as far as the execution and the format, I think we’d probably stay pretty much the same.”