Massive Batman stunt in Chicago today!

Jett over at Batman on Film posted a note that the good folks at Fox News Chicago — who’ve provided lots of great videos and photos from the filming of The Dark Knight since it began lensing in The Windy City — are going to broadcast a massive explosion being conducted there today.

Keep your eyes on this link throughout today for live coverage of what’s going on on the scene.

That page also has lots of previous Batman-related videos taken by the Fox News Chicago team during production of the Batman Begins sequel.

I’m not sure if he can make it there to see it in person, but just in case, I’ve alerted The Greg.


If you scroll through Jett’s Batman movie news page, you’ll find lots of links to set reports, photos and videos that his readers are sending in from Chicago. Suffice it to say, I’ve been avoiding most of it like the plague to keep from having anything ruined. But I did watch this video of a trial run of a helicopter stunt they’re going to film later this year in Hong Kong, and it was amazing.

Chicago filming wraps up very soon, after which the production will head to London and Hong Kong.

The Dark Knight will rescue all the nachos and Cokes from The Joker’s goons at a theater near you on July 18, 2007!

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