A big, warm welcome to …

… Reese Anna, the six pound, 14 ounce baby girl born early this evening to my cousin Jen and her husband, Jon!

Reese is 19.5 inches long, perfectly healthy and already sporting a thick shock of brown hair. She’s absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to Jen and Jon, who are welcoming Reese into a family that’s already had nine months of practice in making sure she’ll always be surrounded by love.

We’re thrilled to have you here, Reese. Live to love and love to live and all the rest will fall into place as it will.

In other awesome kid news, my little buddy Oliver is recovering like a champ from strep throat after having just turned 14 months old. He already shares his Uncle John’s fascinations with pretty girls and bacon. (I’ve made some bad decisions about both, so hopefully he’ll fare better with a little guidance.)

Kids are the best. Love them and be good to them and cherish every second. Life is good.