Ed Norton, Liv Tyler photographed on Hulk set!

The Incredible Hulk — the first film in a brand new Hulk franchise from Marvel Studios — has begun filming in Toronto and you can click right here to see some photos of stars Ed Norton and Liv Tyler on the set.

Be sure to scroll down a bit to see them all!

Liv Tyler could not possibly be more beautiful.

I really want to hug her.

I’m so excited about this movie, which promises to balance the the man-on-the-run theme of the classic television series with the super-powered action of the early comic books.

When you’re finished checking out the pictures, click here to read previous coverage of the film, including casting and a look at the new Hulk design!

The Incredible Hulk might eat all of our nachos but it’s only because he’s hungrier than we are on June 13, 2008!