The Joker's "Why So Serious?" changes, trailer moves

The Joker’s Why So Serious? website — which on Friday was the home of a scavenger hunt that resulted in the revealing of the first teaser trailer for The Dark Knight — has changed yet again.

When you click on it now, it takes you to a Rent-a-Clown site that features — along with some crazy circus music — lots of photos of San Diego Comic-Con-goers who were made up to look like The Joker as part of the scavenger hunt’s challenges on the ground.

Unfortunately, all links to the teaser trailer have disappeared.


Click here.

And I saved the photo of The Joker (Heath Ledger) and Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal) right here:

Click it for the larger version

Also, my genius friend Bob used his computer magic to create collages of all the Rent-a-Clown pictures composited together. Click on each one for the full-sized version.

Horizontal composites

Vertical composites

Creepy! And cool. And, as Bob pointed out, you can see in each collage where the camera they used to take all the photos has a dark spot in the lens.

I have to say, some of those Girl Jokers are pretty hot.