WB confirms Watchmen, adds Denny from Grey's Anatomy

On Monday I posted this all-but-confirmed cast list for the upcoming Warner Bros. movie adaptation of the DC Comics milestone masterpiece, Watchmen. The Hollywood Reporter has now confirmed that cast, with a clarification and an addition:

Watchmen powering up with castings

Jackie Earle Haley is Rorschach, Billy Crudup is Dr. Manhattan and Patrick Wilson is Nite Owl. Even though — to my eyes, at least — Malin Akerman looks a lot like Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre I, the article says she’ll actually be playing Sally’s daughter, Laurie Juspeczyk/Silk Spectre II.

Clockwise from front: Rorschach, Captain Metropolis, Silk Spectre II, Dr. Manhattan, The Comedian, Ozymandias, Nite Owl

The new bit of casting is that the role of The Comedian — a violent, machine-gunning bastard of a human being — has gone not to Tom Jane as previously rumored but rather to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Denny/Ghost of Denny on Grey’s Anatomy and the dad on Supernatural (even though he’s not that much older than the guys who play his sons).

Absolutely fascinating casting. Millions of people watch Grey’s Anatomy and have a perception of Morgan that’s going to be totally devastated when they see him in this film, and I’m always excited on behalf of actors who get to do something so different from what they’re primarily known for. Bravo.

Don’t forget to check out Monday’s post for photos and other info about the rest of the cast, and I’m sure there’ll be lots more news about this one pouring in from this weekend’s Comic-Con International in San Diego!