Smallville casts its Supergirl

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Supergirl is coming to Smallville.

There she is. The actress is Laura Vandervoort, and yes, that’s her costume.

I used to be one of Smallville‘s biggest fans and defenders, but I started losing interest when they killed off Clark Kent’s dad, Jonathan (John Schneider), in Season Five. Then, near the beginning of Season Six, I stopped watching entirely when they brought in the Green Arrow as a recurring character and I couldn’t stand the arrogant jackass they portrayed him as.

It looks like Supergirl’s going to fill a similar role as the Green Arrow. The writers were like, “Okay, we’re six seasons in and we still can’t figure out how to make Clark heroic. So let’s bring in Green Arrow to be the hero.” And now it’s going to be, “Okay, we’re seven seasons in, and we still can’t figure out how to make Clark heroic. So let’s bring in Supergirl to be the hero.”

So far on Smallville, Clark’s got all of the classic Superman powers but flight. Supergirl, however, will be able to fly.

They’re also going to make her a love interest for Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore).

And that’s another of the show’s problems — it’s devolved into such a pathetic soap opera that the characters are actually regressing rather than growing.

What particularly sucks about all this is that they’ve got an amazing cast. Tom Welling can bring the thunder as Clark Kent (and has proven himself a skillful director on the show), but the writers never give him decent material to work with. Erica Durance is the hottest Lois Lane in history, but the writers all-too-often try to pawn her off as the love interest for everybody but Clark. (In fact, they’re introducing a new Daily Planet editor next season as yet another love interest for Lois.) Allison Mack’s Chloe Sullivan is one of the most beautiful and vibrant sidekicks in television history, and there will never be a better Lex Luthor than Michael Rosenbaum. And yet the writers still spin their wheels and rely on the same old sad dynamics. It breaks my heart.

As for Laura Vandervoort, I think she looks exactly like a Michael Turner Supergirl comic book cover:

And I’m not saying that’s a good thing. I think she needs some cheeseburgers and fries. I want to take her to Wendy’s for a Baconator. (She can handle the calories. She’s Supergirl, for crying out loud.)

I wish her luck, and I hope they give her better material to work with than they’ve given poor Tom Welling. Then again, according to upcoming episode summaries posted on Kryptonsite, Clark takes her to the Smallville Harvest Festival and she enters the Miss Sweet Corn Pageant.

I am not making that up.

And let us not forget the first Supergirl we ever saw on Smallville. She was played by Adrianne Palicki, seen here wearing a classic Supergirl shirt at some event she attended:

She was only in one episode, and she didn’t turn out to be the real Supergirl. But I certainly believed she was, and I love how healthy she looks.


Smallville is dead to me.


If I were making a new Supergirl movie, there’s only one actress I’d cast:

Brittany Snow, from American Dreams, Nip/Tuck, John Tucker Must Die and Hairspray. Look at her! She’s every bit as beautiful — with amazing blue eyes — as Supergirl should be.

But she also looks like a real woman, and I’d have no problem believing she was powerful enough to throw a submarine through a dump truck.

And finally, let’s take a moment to honor lovely Helen Slater, who played Supergirl in the 1984 movie:

The movie was kind of terrible, but there was something really special and alive about Slater.

I also liked Supergirl in the Justice League Unlimited cartoons.

And there you go.


  1. Kareem says:

    I hear ya, John. Smallville is beyond dead. It’s in Superhero Hell, with Batman & Robin and STEEL.

    I’ll be there for the final episode of the show. For nothing else but to see Welling in the suit. They have to put Welling in the suit! Just once. For the ratings boost alone, I don’t see how they could pass up that opportunity.

  2. John says:

    Kareem, my friend, you speak the truth as always. Remember how excited we used to get about new episodes?

    Oh, well. It is what it is, I guess. Between Smallville and Superman Returns, we’re doomed when it comes to getting some quality live-action Superman.

  3. andrea says:

    OMG……what was that AWFUL movie Helen Slater was in, the one with the Pat Benatar theme, where she was a modern Joan of Arc????????????? And she chops all her hair off and wears one dangling earring? Oh wait! The Legend of Billie Jean!

    Ok, carry on now….

  4. John says:

    Oh, Andrea. You know you totally chopped your hair that way and wore the one dangling earring that summer! Do you still have your membership card from the Billie Jean Fan Club? ;)

  5. John says:

    I’ve never read any of Grell’s run; thanks for the recommendation! The only thing the Smallville Green Arrow shares with the comics version is the name Oliver Queen. The actor was a bottle-blonde soap opera dude with a hip haircut. Very holier-than-thou in his performance. Very annoying.

  6. jessecuster says:

    I think Grell did it back in the late 80’s / early 90’s. It’s been forever since I read any of them …

    Grell also had a pretty damn good series of his own, called ‘Jon Sable,’ which was from … erm … mid/late 80’s, I think.

    Too bad I sold off most of my collection of comix from when I was a kid …

  7. David says:

    I’m pretty excited to see what happens with Kara. I’m sure the show’s creative team will make a good story line.

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