New Iron Man photo of Robert Downey, Jr. in EW!

Entertainment Weekly has a big story on their site about next week’s Comic-Con in San Diego, and they’ve also debuted a new shot of Robert Downey, Jr. as gazillionaire industrialist Tony Stark, who uses one of his own creations to battle international terror and evil as Iron Man.


Iron Man shoots more than popcorn out of his hand on May 2, 2008.


  1. Skinnerbox says:

    Unlike so many overhyped superhero movies, I am actually really getting excited to see this one. Jon Favreau is a superb choice to direct, and from all signs it looks as if he is trying to remain very faithful to the source material. I’m certainly more interested in the film than I’ve ever been in any of the Iron Man comics.

  2. John says:

    Danny: You are so right, man. When I first read the news, the initial reaction was, “What?!” Followed immediately by, “That’s the coolest casting ever.” I love unexpected casting like that, and I wish we’d see more of it.

    Skinnerbox: Your comics blog is nothing short of absolutely excellent. I’ll definitely be reading more of it when I get home from work! I’m with you — I was never big into Iron Man comics, but this cast is killer. Downey, Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges. That’s awesome. And yes, Favreau is an excellent choice to direct. This one should kick plenty of ass. I’m excited about Ed Norton’s Incredible Hulk, too.

  3. Skinnerbox says:

    John: Thanks for the compliments about the site. I hope to grow it even further in the future. You’re doing some pretty great stuff with this blog as well. :)

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