New video from the set of THOR

Entertainment Tonight visited the set of Thor recently; video here …

… and accompanying article here.

I think this looks fantastic, and especially worthy of note is the fact that Thor actor Chris Hemsworth is huge. Natalie Portman (playing mortal doctor Jane Foster) isn’t exactly Lou Ferrigno, but he dwarfs her.

And check out the shot of people running at the 1:59 mark — it’s ridiculous (in a good way) how much Hemsworth towers over everyone else.

(I don’t recognize the other running man, but the other girl is the amazing Kat Dennings, on whom I have a mighty crush.)

We also get glimpses of Sir Anthony Hopkins (complete with shiny eye patch) as Thor’s father, Odin, and massively talented Idris Elba as Heimdall.

There’s been a lot of controversy among fans about the cast of Elba, a black man, as a Viking god, and Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano as Hogun of the Warriors Three.

I’m entirely fine with it, because the Asgardians here are not Vikings. They’re beings who were simply worshiped by the Vikings as gods. Big difference, so it doesn’t really matter what they look like. As long as the actors are good, we should be in good shape. And with Kenneth Branagh directing, you know he’s going to get the best out of all of his entire cast.

As a side note, another of the Warriors Three, Fandral, is being played by local New Albany native Joshua Dallas, so big congratulations to him for landing a part in what’s sure to be a hit.

Thor brings the thunder to a theater near you on May 6, 2011!

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P.S. The interviewer almost reminded me of … this.