New Jonatha Brooke video!

Music Video Tuesday rolls on with the new one from Jonatha Brooke, who for my money has the best “my heart has done what her voice just did” voice on the planet.

Her new album, Careful What You Wish For, can’t be beat. From “Baby Wait,” with its high harmonies and a majestic clarinet/bassoon solo that calls the Beatles to mind, to “Hearsay,” with its intoxicating vocal arrangements and rumbling, ricocheting drums (that recall 1995’s Plumb), to simpler songs like “After the Tears” (with a brilliant clarinet/bassoon arrangement of its own to complement Jonatha’s plucky mandolin), you absolutely cannot go wrong with this CD (which can be purchased from her website, and she’ll even autograph it for you).

The first single is the title track, which starts out with an old-timey voice/guitar intro and then explodes into a wild, sexy, raucous romp with Queen-sized backing vocals and a “Baby, you’re my everything” at the end that’ll knock your socks to Neptune and back.

Check out the video:

And in keeping with today’s theme, please buy the CD and support an incredible artist. The music industry is doing its best to drive itself into the ground, and now more than ever we’ve got to find and support those rare, special artists who are still in it for the songs.