In the words of Napoleon Dynamite …

… “I hope you guys’ experiences are … unforgettable.”

Roll out the fireworks and the corn dogs, kids, and please send your Jupiter-sized congratulations to two of my favorite people ever — Melissa and Mike — who are now ENGAGED!

They’re still working out a wedding date, but one thing I do know for certain is that I’ll eat more than anybody else at their reception.

Melissa is one of the sweetest and loveliest and funniest and most vibrant and most loyal people I’ve ever known in my life. And I’ve rarely encountered anybody as cool or as alive as Mike is — he’s absolutely hilarious and one of the most enthusiastic storytellers I’ve ever met. (Melissa, I apologize in advance for all the excitedly geeky conversations about kung fu and superheroes I’m going to have in your living room with your husband-to-be. And Mike, I don’t have to tell you that you hit the jackpot.)

Congratulations again, and much love, to both of you. Thank you guys for being you, and thanks for giving me another wedding I can attempt to ask Lauren Graham to be my date to. (The letter writing campaign begins today. Wish me luck!)