Anthony Michael Hall joins Batman cast

L.A. Daily News reports that Anthony Michael Hall — made famous by his appearances in ’80s classics Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Weird Science and currently appearing in the TV series adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone — has joined the cast of The Dark Knight.

Though he says he’s got scenes with Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale, he won’t talk about who the character is. Fair enough. If I got to be in Batman, I wouldn’t talk about it, either, for fear they’d tell me I couldn’t be in it anymore.

So far, we’ve got:

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Heath Ledger as The Joker — first OFFICIAL photo here!

Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth

Gary Oldman as Lt. James Gordon

Morgan Freeman as Wayne Enterprises CEO Lucius Fox

(Didn’t you get the memo?)

Aaron Eckhart as Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent

Maggie Gyllenhaal as Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes

Eric Roberts as crime boss Sal Maroni

Nestor Carbonell as Gotham City’s mayor

William Fichtner as Potentially Very Unlucky Bank Manager

Tim Booth as “Mr. Zsasz, here” (at least according to Mr. Booth in a radio interview)

Rapper David Banner might play one of The Joker’s goons, and Cillian Murphy keeps saying things like “I can’t comment on that” or “It’s not my place to say” when asked if The Scarecrow will return. So I’m betting on a cameo.

Whew! That’s a talented group of people right there.