Major F-22 action in exclusive Transformers trailer!

I honestly think I was born at the best possible time ever. Two years before Star Wars and just the right age to be growing up in the ’80s with G.I. Joe and Transformers. Now that I’m in my 30s, I’ve still got movies like the new Batman to look forward to — see the previous two posts — that take me back to the characters I loved as a kid.

So it makes my heart glad to see that the new Transformers movie looks AWESOME.

You need to go over to Yahoo! Movies right here, right now, to see the amazing new trailer.

The best stuff in it relates to Starscream. He was an F-15 when I was a kid, but these days he’s an F-22 Raptor. The trailer has lots of F-22s — both real and shape-shifting metal alien — in various degrees of action. I love it. Director Michael Bay worked closely with the United States Air Force to make the Raptors looks good. As if they needed any help in that department.

Transformers literally fights traffic* on its way to the theater near you on July 4!

* I know I used that joke the last time I mentioned this movie, but I also know I can’t come up with anything better. So sue me!