This is a rather sad but really interesting article about the “death” of the VHS format that I found while browsing the forums at Blu-ray.com.


And did you know that A History of Violence was the last major Hollywood film to be released on the format? (I’m still trying to erase that movie from my brain. I’m so sorry, Melissa.)

My parents bought our first VCR in the early 1980s so that I wouldn’t have to miss episodes of the live-action Spider-Man show on Saturday mornings while I was at catechism classes in Corydon.


That was a great deal. We’d get the breaded tenderloin and mashed potatoes and gravy and noodles lunch at Jock’s on the corner, and then go home to a fresh episode of Spider-Man.

Best parents ever. Just for this Christmas, in fact, they bought me Selma Blair to go along with my purchase of Liv Tyler. (Not the actual actresses. That’s just what I named my Blu-ray player and my HD-TV. I would never want to purchase either of those ladies, but if they’d like to come live with me, that would be way okay. I’m a good cook, and I love to tell stories and go on adventures.)

I still own a few VHS tapes, and it will be hard to let them go. So I guess I won’t. And in that regard, VHS, your legacy lives forever.