Bob's Pittsburgh pictures are up!

I’m swimming in deadline-infested waters with cement blocks strapped to my feet, but as soon as I can I’ll start telling hilarious stories of our weekend trip to see Jonatha Brooke and Glen Phillips performing together in Pittsburgh.

(One of the deadlines is particularly exciting. And I can’t tell you about it yet.)


In the meantime, you can see Bob’s pictures here.


And be sure to read his captions! They are HILARIOUS.

And true.

Every word of every one.


Thanks again to Courtney and Bob and Kate and Melissa for making the journey with me, and to Bob for driving through conditions both perilous and frustrating, and to Jonatha and Glen for being our sweetest angels upon our arrival. This concert meant a lot to me, and I’ll tell you more about why when I get time to write it all out.


No one’s life should be this blessed. I’m glad mine is. More to come.


  1. Bree says:

    OH SH*T!

    I had NO idea he (or you, for that matter) were here in the ‘Burgh!!!

    I am just so out of the music loop these days. I totally would have gone. Glen was like the last show I saw… Back at that Chicago show at the HoB in March of ’05.

    Seriously, I am really bummed out. I wasn’t doing anything this weekend and would have offered my house up to you guys if you needed to crash somewhere. :(

  2. Bree says:

    I would like to add that I totally didn’t notice that my comment about g’s beard… TOTALLY did not see that the title of that post said it was IN PITTSBURGH.

    Bree* = FAIL

    *-Actually, my thyroid. Found out it’s a piece of crap and needs to be medicated for the rest of its life. Also, randomly gets worse and makes me stupid and tired until I can get it re-tested and meds upped.

  3. John says:

    OH NO! BREE! I could swear we talked about it months ago and you couldn’t go for some reason. Something work-related. In that case, it’s my FAIL, not yours. If it’s any consolation at all, we’d have had practically no time to see you. We had to leave first-thing Sunday morning, and even though we left at 8 a.m. on Saturday we didn’t get to the concert until after it had already started because of all the accidents and stopped traffic. So it’s entirely my fault. I didn’t mention it again because I sincerely had it in my head that you couldn’t go. Pfffffft.

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