Christian Bale talks Batman!

Christian Bale has been talking about The Dark Knight, and it’s sweet, sweet music.

Superhero Hype! has the scoop. He talks about reprising the role, maintaining momentum and working with Heath Ledger, who’s playing The Joker. He’s also sneaky about not revealing the nature of some top secret training he’s been undergoing. I can’t wait to find out what that’s about.

He also talked to, who asked him if we’d be seeing more of Batman’s detective skills this time around.

Bale — who obviously can’t say a lot at this point — took a swig of water, smiled, laughed, and answered, “Is that clear enough?”


Bale is currently doing press for Rescue Dawn, a true story about a pilot’s fight to survive after being shot down in Vietnam. Werner Herzog writes and directs; you can watch the excellent trailer right here.


He recently finished a remake of 3:10 to Yuma, a Western in which he plays a peaceful rancher who gets caught up in escorting an evil outlaw (Russell Crowe) to the train that will take him to prison. Which won’t be so easy when the outlaw’s gang comes after their boss.

Batman zips into the theater near you on a cable fired by the gas-powered magnetic grapple gun Morgan Freeman made for him on July 18, 2008.