An even better Bourne trailer!

Way back on March 29, I posted a link to an international teaser for The Bourne Ultimatum:

Bourne sighted in Irish trailer park

Also of note:

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Now Yahoo! Movies here in the States has caught up with their Irish counterparts — and trumped them! — with a better, longer look at my most anticipated 2007 release.

You can see it right here in a variety of Windows Media, Quicktime and Quicktime HD options.

This new version has:

More brutal martial arts (including a fight/flip thing that’s totally top drawer)!

More explosions!

More hair-raising rooftop free-running!

More David Strathairn!

It needs:

More Julia Stiles!

(That’s funny; I was just saying that about my morning this morning.)

(And! The shot where he jumps off the roof and glides right down and through that window across the street wins an Oscar.)

Check it out. Prepare to have your socks rocked off.

Jason Bourne runs across rooftops, hits 13 guys with only 10 kicks and gets the manager to give him a discount on nachos with a vague, semi-threatening cellphone call made from an untraceable number on his way to the theater near you on August 3, 2007, and baby, you can damn well better believe I’ll be there.