Remember that one time, when …

… you were looking forward to watching Watchmen at a theater near you on March 6, 2009?

“Uh-oh,” it says in Variety. “Somebody broke the law.”


I don’t know.

All this legal mumbo-jumbo is way over my head to understand.

Regardless of the details, Fox says they’re going to try to delay its release, while Warner Bros. refuses to budge from their original March 6 release date.

Fans, meanwhile, are worried that Fox won’t be as creator-friendly with director Zack Snyder (who made 300) as the folks at Warner Bros., who gave Christopher Nolan all the breathing room he needed with The Dark Knight.

(Then again, they also didn’t stop Bryan Singer from making Superman Returns, but so it goes.)

I think everybody should just give everybody else a whole lot of money and release the movie on March 6.

But I’ve been wrong before.