Even Stevens finally officially in Indy IV

USA Today reports (today!) that Shia LaBeouf has finally been officially cast in Indiana Jones IV after lots of recent rumors to that effect.

I’ve already congratulated him once, and I’m glad to congratulate him again. Read the interview; it’s really good. He talks about how he hasn’t been able to say so for certain upon request from Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

And of course, the announcement is timed to coincide with the release of Disturbia, which opens today, stars LaBeouf and is produced by Spielberg. Nicely done, gentlemen. (And. I’ll be reviewing Disturbia right here, sometime later this weekend.)

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Tuesday Movie Doings

Indiana Jones will see your Twizzlers and think they’re snakes and initially be scared but then realize they’re just Twizzlers and we’ll all have a big laugh about it while sharing hot dogs, nachos and Cokes in a theater near you on May 22, 2008.