November Batman comic book reviews

You can read my review of the 850th issue of Detective Comics right here:

Review: Detective Comics #850

How gorgeous is that cover? Amazing.

And the issue is spectacularly bad-ass.

(And my previous Detective reviews areĀ here.)

Unfortunately, the new Batman Confidential is about as bad as the new Detective issue is good:

Review: Batman Confidential #23

And thanks as always to Bill “Jett” Ramey — the hardest-working Batman fan on the planet — for the gig and the opportunity! I appreciate it very much, good sir.

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  1. LikaLaruku says:

    As a comic reader, it’s best you concider letting go of the Nolanverse Joker. Aside from the Azzarello Elseworlds comic based on the movie, you’re never going to see that Joker again in any comic or movie.

    Cacophony, Confidential, & RIP are currently the highest ranking among female readers who really only give a damn about the Joker & maybe a little bit about Bruce.

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