Food Review: Main Street Cafe & Treats, Inc.

Today the office got lunch from Main Street Cafe & Treats, Inc., which took the place of the old Main Street Grind here in New Albany.

Nine people ordered sandwiches and/or salads and desserts. Not only was my order the only one that involved hot food, but it also involved toast and bacon, which are only good for so long.

The Main Street Cafe delivered … and it delivered. I got The Club, which has a tall mound of sliced turkey and ham, bacon, lettuce and tomato on toasted white bread. (You can also get wheat.) I requested mayo. They didn’t put it on the sandwich, but sent two packets of Hellman’s. Which was good, because I could control my own mayo. A pickle spear (gross!) and a bag of Ruffles chips were included in the box.

The sandwich was awesome. They must have made it last, right before they delivered our order. And that’s both smart and thoughtful — make the sandwich with the toast and the bacon last, so that the toast and the bacon are still crunchy and crisp when the sandwich arrives. Nicely done, and infinitely appreciated.

Instead of a “treat” — they have a mean selection of cheesecakes — I opted instead for one of the soups of the day, which was chicken and dumplings. The dumplings were kind of thin, and the broth was a bit runny, but it still tasted good and there was plenty of chicken.

I’d order from them again in a heartbeat.

So. What are you eating? Because I’d really like to know.