Lawn & Garden Review: Husqvarna 37446

My dad has long had his sights set on the Husqvarna model 37446 walk-behind lawn mower, available right here from the good folks at Sears.

We looked at one Wednesday night, and they had two in stock. Hedging his bets that they’d still have at least one by the weekend, and given that he wasn’t in his truck that night and couldn’t have taken it home anyway, he decided to wait. Unfortunately, the last one sold on Saturday.


Dad called Sears to see if a) a new shipment would be arriving soon or b) the Sears over at the Oxmoor Mall had any in stock. It’s a good thing he called, because the salesman told him that the older gentleman who’d bought the last one brought it back after mowing only half his yard with it. He loved it, but he couldn’t keep up with it.

And so Dad and I bought that sucker on Sunday morning for the nice price of $303.98, a whopping $76 discount off the original price tag of $379.98. (If the old man had mowed his entire yard, I bet we’d have gotten out of there with that mower for $14.95. Oh, well.)

It was too good a bargain to pass up, and well worth every penny. The 37446 has a Briggs & Stratton engine with 190 cc of 8.75-rated torque purring out of its Overheard Valves, or OHVs. What does that mean? It means that when I mowed the patch of grass down by the road, the 37446 had no problem pulling itself (and me) back up the driveway at a clip that was slightly faster than I’d have walked it on my own steam.

Another feature we like is the Key Start. Pump the primer button three times, turn the key and the mower ramps right up to full speed. Pull back on the lever, the mower pulls itself, and all you have to do is walk behind and guide it. The blade cuts a mighty swath of 21 inches and the mower has a removable mulching bag on the back, making it easy to convert to standard side discharge.

Dad’s massive yard will give this moderately-sized monster quite the workout.

The deck is an attractive orange. The engine and the handles are black, with an orange power bar and a blue power lever.

I’m probably not using those terms correctly.


If you need to mow your yard this summer, try out the Husqvarna 37446. Preferably after an old man has mowed half his yard with it and the salesman at Sears is feeling generous.