New Spider-Man 3 trailer!

Right here. Kind of. After the opening animation on the website, it’ll go to a graphic of a street corner. Click on “Exclusives” and you’ll find it in there. If the fancy animation doesn’t kill your browser. Which it might.

I’ve got to say, I’m a little worried about this one. Unlike most Spider-Man fans, I was never crazy about the Venom storyline. It was a little too high-concept for me. (Even so, there was a while there last year when the best movie of 2006 was the trailer for Spider-Man 3.)

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m complaining about realism in a movie about a guy who can climb walls and flip around buildings and shoot webs out of his wrists. But the first two Spider-Man movies were so good because they were about the characters, and they had a lot of heart. The movies weren’t about what Spider-Man could do. They were about who he was. Especially Spider-Man 2.

Then again we’re getting another script by Alvin Sargent who, at 76 years old, has a lifetime’s worth of experiences to draw from as he tells yet another tale of Peter Parker, a guy to whom all of us can relate. Even when Peter’s heart is in the right place, and no matter how hard he tries, his best is never enough. And his life would be so much easier if he could just use his powers all the time, but doing so would put his family and friends at risk. Regardless of how out-there the story might be this time, I still expect Sargent and returning director Sam Raimi to deliver another heart-pounding gut-slammer of a movie.

We’re about to find out the hard way on May 4, when Spider-Man 3 web-slings into a theater near you. See you there.