The Whatever: Name That Movie

Monday’s here, and so is another Whatever.

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This weekend, I saw a Nicolas Cage movie called Bangkok Dangerous.

It was pretty terrible, but saying the title out loud makes me chuckle.

So ..

Make up five movies titles, and you can even tell me what the movie would be about if you’d like.

1. Tomorrow Never Happened

(It’s a James Bond movie.)

2. Maxwell Enigmatic

(Jim Carrey plays a mysterious but hilarious math whiz who helps the police solve crimes. I would not see this movie.)

3. Sisters Sing the Blues

(This is the Lauren Helen Graham/Maggie Ruth Gyllenhaal “sisters who are lounge singers” movie I’ve been waiting my whole life for.)

4. Tyler Perry’s “I Think I Got Married!”

5. Sisters Sing the Blues 2: Guess Which Sister Marries John Bierly

Your turn!


  1. WITA says:

    1. Batman (tentative title) – by John Bierly and Stephanie Carmichael

    We can dream, man. We can dream … You never know. ;D

    2. Earthsea (the remake) – it’s my FAVORITE series, get it right this time! No sucky sci-fi made-for-tv movie with KREUK. KREUK? Really? :(

    3. 24 Hours (the movie—humorously and secretly nicknamed “Jack Never Pees”)

    Yes, I know there is actually supposed to be one in the works, but this one would somehow—by a miracle of time-manipulation and lots of mun-nay—be in real-time, thus adhering to the tv format. Yeah, that made no sense, did it? Shut up, it means an extra season of 24. XD Don’t leave, Kiefer! Not ever! The show would die without your awesomeness!

    4. Legend of Legaia

    One of my favorite–if NOT my favorite—video games of all time … And if they’re not going to ever remake it with spiffy graphics, I demand compensation—in the form of a movie.

    5. Sliders

    I demand a movie in honor of the show. I liked Sliders, man … I miss it.

  2. WITA says:

    Note: I acknowledge that some of those are probably set to fail. Oh well, I’m nostalgic. :D

    Oh, and Chris Nolan would direct them all. Just sayin’.

  3. Brian says:

    1. Mad Max – Beyond the Wasteland
    Yeah…I know but the first 3 were sooo good.

    2. The Gunslinger
    Awesome book series by Stephen King. It would have to be like a 10 movie series though.

    3. My life as a Multi Million Dollar Lottery Winner
    Pretty boring for everyone except me I know

    4. The A-Team
    I pity the fool that wasn’t an 80’s kid

    5. What If Al Gore Had Won the Election.
    Maybe a more snappy title would be appropriate..The Hanging Chad that Could

  4. John says:

    Stephanie: As long as we can bring my Kareem on as director and co-writer, we’re golden. I need this movie in my life. And wouldn’t it be hilarious if Jack stopped to pee, and the result was the end of the world? I guess it wouldn’t be that funny. But it would be kind of funny.

    Brian: Thanks so much for your contributions, sir. I can actually relate really well to your lottery movie; I spend lots of time wishing I could win the lottery or at least find a box of money. Your one about Al Gore made me think of another one: Sarah Palin and Tall. I don’t know what it’s about yet, but it’s the scariest thing ever.

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