Gilmore Sounding Board no. 148

Episode no. 148: “Gilmore Girls Only”

Rory saying that she likes it when they show pictures of the “fooooood” at Winkie’s diner was only the cutest thing ever, right?

Indeed, it was definitely Alexis Bledel’s night to shine. She got to be not only kookier than usual but also stronger than usual, and it feels really good to a) see Rory standing up for herself against Logan and b) the writers stepping back from the dangerous “let’s make Logan an ass” ledge by episode’s end. Because there at the beginning they had me worried. If the writers play their cards right, they’ll have Lorelai learn a lesson or three from how strong and confident Rory has been this season as she continues her journey back to the confident Lorelai Gilmore I flipped so hard for when I started watching the show.

Like last week’s show, this one had a lot of heart. Lane and Zack asking Luke to be the twins’ godfather was supremely sweet, as were Zack’s attempts get close to Luke in the hopes that some of Luke’s fatherly instincts would rub off on him. Todd Lowe has never been anything less than massively entertaining as Zack, and he really did well tonight. (I also loved his insistence that Luke join the family high five at the dinner table.) Another thing I like is that both Lorelai and Luke have had separate but equally challenging and meaningful journeys this season. When they finally reunite I hope we get to see two people who are finally grown up enough to be ready for each other. Hopes are high.

Richard’s jogging suit was as funny a visual as Lorelai’s Tony Soprano line, and as always Kelly Bishop reminded us why there’s more than just two Gilmore girls who deserve to be included in the show’s title. (I loved the thing at the end with Emily thinking Will Smith was “attractive,” and how she changed it to “charming” after Lorelai started kidding her about it.)

Coming up next (but probably not until April) is the show’s 149th episode, “Hay Bale Maze,” which features the annual Stars Hollow Spring Fling and reportedly sees Lorelai doing something that she hasn’t done in a long, long time. Can’t wait.

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“Hay Bale Maze” airs April 10.