The Whatever: Whatever Are You Up To?

Welcome to this week’s (late) Whatever, where I ask you a question and you give me five answers.

This was originated, of course, by Bob, and you are welcome to go back and answer his old Whatevers and the ones I’ve posed since taking over.

Tell me five things you’ve done lately.

I …

1. … went to Indianapolis the day before Labor Day and atteneded one of the best cookouts of my life at Gabe and Beth’s house. Bob’s photos are here, and these two (featuring my best little friends Oliver and Lucy) are my favorites:

2. … spent a lot of time being concerned about things being chronicled on Bob’s new site, The Donkey Show.

3. … got some bitchin’ new headphones for Sweet Lorelai. (She’s my iPod.) My Apple-issue ear-buds were coming apart after years of use, and the new Sennheisers totally blow them away. First song listened to was Garrison Starr‘s “Beautiful in Los Angeles,” and it was like I was hearing all those swirling atmospherics and blazing harmonies (with Glen Phillips) for the first time all over again.

4. … tried out the Sitar Indian buffet near my new home on Bardstown Road in Louisville. It’s amazing. There’s a much better variety (for the cheaper price of $6.99) than the buffet at Kashmir, and instead of giving you one can of Coke (like they do at Kashmir), Sitar keeps the fountain soda coming. And that makes me happy. Highly recommended.

5. … ate at Havana Rumba with my friend Mindy. The pollo a la milanesa — a lightly breaded chicken breast covered in ham that’s covered in cheese with tomato sauce and rice and plantains on the side — was so big it was drooping off the plate. I ate over half of it and my plate was still literally full of food. The rest of it will be my lunch today, except for the bit of it I ate at about 9:30 last night.

Your turn!


  1. Kerstin says:

    1. Joey and I went to see Phantom of the Opera on Saturday. It was SO good. We had a great time.

    2. Sunday I went to see Wall-E with my niece. She left to go back to her mother on Wednesday so the rest of Sunday was spent playing Barbie vs. the Dinosaurs and doing some bear hunting in the backyard.

    3. Labor Day was a pretty mellow day spent watching movies (12 Angry Men, Oceans 11 and Transformers)and playing games with the family.

    4. Yesterday, my dog ran away and I spent the entire afternoon looking for her. I finally called the shelter to ask them to call me if she was found, only to find out she was already there. I’m going to pick her up today. The little turkey.

    5. And I had the absolute best pasta dish in the world at Macaroni Grill on Tuesday. It’s their Vodka Pasta and it’s to die for. Chicken, vodka tomato sauce, prosciutto and cheese. SO YUMMY!

  2. WITA says:

    1. Got asked to join the ranks of a VERY cool site ( ;D shhh, John!).

    2. Got a new job at school, w00t! And got more work opportunities (peer-to-peer Spanish tutoring, ta-da!)

    3. Met up with one of my favorite professors and talked for about 45 minutes. She’s awesome and was super excited to hear about the cool opportunities I got this summer.

    4. Found out my old roommate is coming up for the weekend to visit. Whooo!

    5. And I’ve been writing/blogging, studying, tutoring, doing lit mag … WHEW.

  3. Melissa says:

    ….have pondered a new career change, but have no idea what I would rather do.

    ….am watching Tina and Cher on Oprah.

    ….am trying to think of ways to help all my clients who are VERY overwhelmed by various sorts of problems (see first entry).

    ….have been thinking about what I am going to do this weekend.

    …..went to a family reunion at Spring Mill. Spring Mill was pretty. :)

  4. Katy says:

    I . . .

    1. . . . started riding the Potty Train (aka Caelyn started using the potty, though she’s kinda decided the novelty’s worn off, which is not cool).

    2. . . . went to my hometown for a week and then had my parents in DFW for Labor Day weekend.

    3. . . . ate one of these for the first time (at the Lake Highlands location, A+ atmosphere, A+ burger) and haven’t stopped thinking about how to get another one delivered to me at home the moment I open my eyes in the morning. I’d settle for one showing up on my doorstep right now, though.

    4. . . . done lots of online “window shopping,” trying to figure out how to get a whole new wardrobe that’s the biggest bang for the buck.

    5. . . . wondered how my favorite blog buddy’s been doing (and no, I’m not just saying that to earn extra points)!

    Love seeing you with those cute kiddos! I’m glad you and Sweet Lorelai got some bitchin’ new headphones. I want some!

  5. Jessica says:

    1. On Friday, I did nothing but endure a sinus headache. SInce I was in pain, I figured I should be nice to myself, so I ate Chinese carry-out. My headache was still there, but my belly was haaaappy!

    2. Saturday, I drove down to Danville, KY to visit a friend, which is a lady I used to work with. I call her my Workers’ Comp Mom because when I was 19 and I started working at the law firm where I did workers’ comp, she got me started and taught me lots. Anyway, she and her husband recently built a log home down in Danville, so I took a drive down there to see it. It’s about an hour and a half drive, and I loved it. I love getting out on the interstate and blasting the Ipod and singing all my favorite songs….Once I got there, she took super good care of me with lunch and dinner, M&Ms, Diet Cokes AND we got to scrapbook all day long!

    3. I finished Paul’s scrapbook for him. We call it his Special Book where he is the main character. We sat tonight before he went to bed and I love to listen to him tell me about what all he’s doing in the pictures. He’s made so many friends and had lots of fun times. I hope his Mom let’s him keep the book and look at it when he wants once he goes back.

    4. I downloaded Matt Nathanson’s song, “Come on Get Higher.” I’ve sang it incredibly loudly probably some 200 times in the last week. I recommend you do the same. It makes me want to be in love.

    5. I’ve missed my John.

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