This isn’t true, but …

… I’m getting lots of emails about it, so let’s just address this and put an end to it.

Just because Fox News says that Cher is going to play Catwoman in the next Batman movie …

Fox News: Cher to Play Catwoman in Next ‘Batman’ Movie

… it doesn’t mean that Cher is going to play Catwoman in the next Batman movie.

I love how Fox News quotes something that was “reportedly” told to a “tabloid” as FACT.

They don’t even have a question mark at the end of their headline! They present it as a fact!

Good job, guys. You’re doing a great job over there.

Read this to get an idea of how Fox News operates:

Fox News airs altered photos of NY Times reporters

How disgusting and evil and awful is that?

And did Roger Friedman write the Cher article? Because it smells like Roger Friedman.

Anyway, Cher isn’t going to play Catwoman in the next Batman movie, and shame on all the mainstream media outlets who are picking this up and running with it.

Here’s the latest on what might be going on with a new Batman movie:

The Hollywood Reporter: Anatomy of a Hit: ‘The Dark Knight’

A DVD release of the film is said to be planned for the holidays (the studio won’t confirm a date). And Warners and Legendary are both interested in doing a third in the series, but all involved say it will be up to Nolan to come to them with a story and a plan.
“There are a lot of us who emotionally would love to do it,” Roven says. “But it’s really Chris’ call. Chris is the kind of filmmaker who just doesn’t think about the next movie before he has completely finished the movie he is working on.”
For now, Nolan is taking a well-earned vacation.
Says Roven, “When he comes back, we will see how he feels.”

(Nolan, of course, is writer/director Christopher Nolan, and Roven is producer Chuck Roven.)

And there you have it.

It’s all up to Nolan.

There’s no story for the third one yet, much less any casting.

Everything official will be reported here in a heartbeat. In the meantime, spread the word about the latest lie from a news organization that’s founded on twisting the truth.


  1. Kareem says:

    I know how this happened.

    See, about two weeks ago, my parents went to Vegas to see Cher in concert. My dad, amongst hundreds of Cher fans, proclaimed The Dark Knight to be an extremely fantastic movie.

    My dad has dark hair.

    Cher, also, has dark hair.

    Obviously, Fox thought they were related. Because that’s all it takes for them to connect two people together

    So they probably thought my dad was Cher’s brother and ran with the story.

    And lo, a rumor was born.

    Now, lets stick to the only fact we know to be true:

    Gary Oldman is not coming back as Commissioner Gordon, and will be replaced by Tom Selleck.

  2. Kerstin says:

    To be honest I stopped watching the news. It’s too depressing. Even entertainment news.

    I love how you say this is what might be happening in the next Batman movie.

  3. WITA says:

    Kareem, you know if FOX sees that comment they’re going to have a field day and it will be all your fault. ;D

    Kerstin: Same here. The news—especially local news—is just too depressing. And entertainment news shows (like ET) are just gossipy and shallow and stupid half the time.

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