Juliana Hatfield! Tonight Show! TONIGHT!

Tuesday Morning Update: You can watch it right here. Just click to her segment at the end so you don’t have to sit through the whole show.


Juliana Hatfield is performing the awesome “This Lonely Love” from her awesome new album How to Walk Away on Leno tonight.

Watch her! She won’t let you down.

She’ll be joined on bass by USA Mike, who was the guitarist for fellow 1990s power-pop legends Letters To Cleo.

Mike is married to LTC’s singer, Kay Hanley, who just put out a solo album of her own called Weaponize that Mike’s amazing production and guitar are all over. It’s one of THE best rock records I’ve heard in YEARS.

I love it that these artists I loved in the 1990s are still bringing the rock a decade later.

More power to them.

And it’s good for me, too.


  1. John says:

    12:06 a.m. Update: I’m watching Jay Leno and John McCain kiss each other’s asses and I’m dying inside. Please, please let Juliana play her song, and fast.

  2. WITA says:

    Update mania!

    Aww, John. Are you that lonely for comments that you comment repeatedly on your own blog? ;D Hahaha, I’m kidding!

    That segment was awesome. I officially LOVE that song; she was really good “live.”

  3. WITA says:

    Hehehe. It is an easy way to get people to notice when your dramatically alter a post with an update, though. So I like your system. :)

  4. John says:

    Bob: I decided to use the other, more dramatic picture for a collage I’m making for my review of the album.

    Stephanie: You’re the first girl who ever called me “savvy.” (Wipes tear from eye.)

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