Review: Batman Confidential #20

My review of issue 20 of Batman Confidential is up and at ’em at Batman on Film.

Click the cover below to read it:

Thanks again to BOF’s editor and operator (and the hardest-working Batman fan on the planet) Bill “Jett” Ramey for the opportunity!


  1. WITA says:

    Lol that cover is kind of cool even though it’s random as hell. Heh. Oh, Fabian … what kind of story have you constructed? ;)

    Awesome review as always, John A. Bierly!

  2. WITA says:

    Ahaha that’s not what it stands for, silly. ;D Hahaha. Or does it? Hmmmmmmm. ;)

    And you’re welcome! I like reading your reviews anyway. :)

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