BFRO updates Georgia Bigfoot hoax warnings

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization continues to build its case against the guys in Georgia who claim to have found a dead Bigfoot (and who further claim that they’ll reveal details about it in a press conference tomorrow):

BFRO: Georgia Bigfoot Body Hoax

More debunking here and here.

What do these guys seriously hope to gain?

Yesterday, I mentioned that the one guy who’s a cop recently got shot in the line of duty.

His police chief isn’t happy about what he’s up to with all this Bigfoot stuff:

AJ-C: Policeman’s claim of Bigfoot sighting a headache for boss

More about this can be found here.


I still — and always will — believe in Bigfoot.

And check out this story:

Time for Kids: Good News for Gorillas

125,000 previously undiscovered lowland gorillas were recently found in the Congo.

That’s amazing!

And it also gives me hope that there are some Sasquatch families roaming the wilds of the United States.

The truth is out there. It’s just not in Georgia.