Bob took pictures at jambalaya night

Bob and Courtney and Oliver and Melissa and Mike came over Monday night for dinner.

I made the meatiest jambalaya ever.

One regular box of Zatarain’s jambalaya mix, one family-sized box, three 12-ounce packages of Al Fresco sweet Italian sausages, two more 12-ounce packages of Al Fresco chicken apple sausages, two pounds of fresh deli shrimp, and lots of various spices and sauces thrown at it to keep things interesting.

Big thanks to my guests; Courtney and Bob brought the cheesiest bread ever, and Melissa and Mike brought this crazy-awesome Butterfinger/brownie dessert.

Pictures are here, courtesy of Bob.

This one’s my favorite:

P.S. Kareem! Click here and check out the Batman statue you got me; he’s perched on top of the bookshelf, guarding my DC Absolute Editions. Thanks again, my friend.


  1. Melissa Carson says:

    That is my favorite too!

    I didn’t see Bob take this one, but I was thinking that it would be HILARIOUS if Ollie put his arm around his friend Matman.

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