Regarding BATMAN (2016) #45

“Is this a kissing book?”

I’ve referenced that quote from THE PRINCESS BRIDE before, for those of you who might not be as much of a pushover for all the Bat/Cat stories we’ve been getting from Tom King as I’ve been. Issue 45 takes a break from the romance to detour into an alternate timeline created by Booster Gold, whose attempt at a wedding gift for Bruce Wayne has gone decidedly… awry.

Gotham City is different, and everything is terrible. King effectively and efficiently wields word-weapons like “a” Joker to tell us how bad things have gotten. Tim Drake languishes in a cubicle at a dead-end day job. Duke Thomas is some kind of Frankenstein’s monster being groomed by an unknown hand for some mysterious purpose. Jason Todd sells tires that pack more than a punch. And what’s the deal with Batman? Why is Bruce dancing at a fancy soirée with… wait… what?

As the terrible truth slowly slides into focus, King takes us on a ride that’s essentially his Bat-take on the classic Superman story “For the Man Who Has Everything” by Alan Moore, which Booster even alludes to!

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