Gilmore Girls TV movie? Maybe.

Check out what TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello has to say about it — with comments by Scott Patterson, Alexis Bledel and my number one gal, Lauren Graham.


  1. John says:

    Oh, believe me, I’d totally watch it and buy the DVD. :)

    I guess I’m just nervous about the very idea of saying, “Here’s something else,” when you were already finished and done. Because there’s always the fear that the extra something else might contradict, mess up or in any way sour the already perfect ending we’ve been given.

    We’ll see what happens!

  2. Katy says:

    Hiya, Super. . ., er, John ;)

    You bet I’d buy the DVD! But it IS scary. As excited as more Stars Hollow would make me, those reunions rarely work out, especially when a beautiful existing ending’s at stake. Plus, I know ASP gave us years of wonderful Gilmore scripts, and I DO want to know those mysterious four words, but I don’t entirely trust her. I’m not against her. Just wary.

    Oh, well. If it turns out ugly, at least you’ll get an extra two hours with Lauren. What could be ugly about that?

    Thanks for taking a break to share the news. You knew I’d want to know!

  3. kyle says:

    My money is better than your money, because my money is in Scrutebucks!

    I hope the movie comes to fruition, because it could mean one think: Luke and Lorelie’s wedding. We’d essentially be getting a AS-P romantic comedy with previously established characters we love. Nothing wrong about that. Plus Rory would probably finally get a job at a real paper. The story would be just like the movie itself: wish fulfillment.

    For my money, that finale was whipped together in such a frenzy a lot of heart was left out, and heart can be easily confused with nostalgia. At least the WB gave Joss Whedon 5 episodes to wrap up Angel. Shame on you CW.

  4. Addy says:

    HOw could you say that finale was good? It was terrible. THe whold show was amazing, and it deserved so much more than to be thrown off the air with everything ending all of the sudden. Bam, relationship over. Bam, Rory leaving. And there was no clarification at all that Luke and Lorelai were really back together. No way, to many loose ends. They should definitely make a movie, it would be awesome.

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