Peace Fund Radio #42

Today was a very Superman day. On what would have been Christopher Reeve’s 61st birthday, I got to talk to another Man of Steel, Dean Cain of LOIS & CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, on Peace Fund Radio!

At the top of the hour, Ethan Dettenmaier welcomes guest co-host Alexandra Tonelli, who just happens to be married to Peace Fund founder Adrian Paul (who’s filming a movie in Bulgaria this week), for a discussion about the effects military deployments have on the children back home.

Alex was fantastic; she has a lovely presence and a unique perspective, and I hope she’s able to be on the show again.

Then I pop in to talk about Hero of the Week Nicholas Lowinger, who, since age 13, has been providing shoes and other aid to homeless children and homeless and disabled veterans via his remarkable Gotta Have Sole Foundation.

Dean Cain bravely battles equipment malfunctions to Skype in to discuss the numerous charities he supports; Ethan conducts the interview, but I did get to tell Dean how much I appreciated how cool, charming, confident, and fun I always found his portrayal of Superman to be. (His audio is pretty choppy, and we’re going to have him back on the show again as soon as we can. Anyone else would have just given up, but Dean fought through all the technical difficulties like a champ. It’s nice to know he’s still a hero to children around the world through his charity work. Bravo, sir.)

And then, at the end, Adrian calls between filming scenes to help announce the winners of the caption contest.

You can hear it here!

The first news about JUSTIFIED’s Season 5 arrives

Let’s take a quick moment to pay respects to author Elmore Leonard, pictured above with Raylan Givens himself, Timothy Olyphant. Leonard, who passed away on August 20, was one of THE greatest crime writers of all time. He created the characters that inspired JUSTIFIED and so many other adaptations of his work (from 3:10 TO YUMA to RUM PUNCH, which became Tarantino’s JACKIE BROWN), influencing countless other writers along the way. You can check out his legacy here. So much good stuff.

And now we find ourselves in that magical time of the year when the first news about the next season of JUSTIFIED begins trickling in. Season 4 was outstanding, with everyone’s hunt for legendary outlaw Drew Thompson providing an outrageously fun mystery for Raylan and the gang (which wasn’t nearly as fun for some characters as it was for others). On Tuesday, Michael Ausiello dropped this scoop on TV Line about what we can expect next:

For Season 5, the FX drama is going back to the Cuckoo Crime Family From Hell conceit popularized by the Bennetts of Season 2 (RIP, Mags). This time around, we’ll be introduced to the white trash Florida-based Crowe clan, led by the sexy, charismatic and ruthless fortysomething patriarch Dale. Officially, the Crowes run a gator farm. Unofficially, they deal drugs and murder people and stuff. Dale’s inner circle includes sister Wendy (the public face of the family) and younger brother Danny (described as a romantic sociopath).

Yes! That’s obviously the family of Dewey Crowe, who’s been bumbling around Harlan County since the first episode with his gator-tooth necklace.

Remember how we spent all of Season 3 wondering who’d eventually get meat-cleaved by Limehouse? Now we can spend Season 5 debating who’ll be eaten by gators. I love it.

And then Deadline reported yesterday that actor Jere Burns, whose character Wynn Duffy manages much of the Harlan County drug trade from his RV where he watches women’s tennis with a hilariously lusty twinkle in his eye, has been promoted to full-on series regular for Season 5.

This is great news for Burns and even better news for us viewers. I’ve been happy to see Burns’s career renaissance of late; he was hilarious back in the day on DEAR JOHN, he’s incredible on JUSTIFIED (especially when it comes to brow-arching reactions to the insanity that always seems to happen around him), and he was perfect as the group leader of Jesse’s drug addiction support group on BREAKING BAD. (Burns should have won an Emmy for the speech he gave about the tragic path his character took to becoming a drug counselor.) So congratulations, good sir.

It makes sense that we’ll be seeing more of Wynn now that he and Boyd are partners, even though Boyd’s mind undoubtedly will be more occupied by figuring out how to spring Ava from jail.

I’m so excited it’s getting closer! I really hope somebody gets eaten by a gator. Maybe Raylan will SHOOT a gator!

Yes. I’m calling it right now. Raylan Givens will shoot a gator.

Peace Fund Radio #41

When 10-year-old Armani McFarland of North Ogden, Utah, was only 8, she learned that many children go to bed hungry… and promptly organized her first massively successful food drive. She continues to work tirelessly with her classmates, community sponsors, and local firefighters and law enforcement to collect and deliver food, coats, stuffed animals, and backpacks filled with school supplies to children who need them.

Today she shares her exciting and inspiring story with Adrian Paul (who’s calling in from the set of his new film in Bulgaria) and Ethan Dettenmaier and me, giving advice to other young people who might like to start charities of their own. We also discuss the importance of physical activity as a cornerstone for children’s happiness and health, and you can download it right here!