Peace Fund Radio #107

Get up on your feet in 2015 as Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier and I reveal the health and happiness benefits of physical fitness for kids. We then welcome Hero of the Week Carter Kostler, a 16-year-old entrepreneur from Virginia Beach, Virginia, whose health-conscious invention has gained him international attention and a spot on President Bill Clinton’s Youth Advisory Board for the Alliance for a Healthy Generation.

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Peace Fund Radio #106

When Kymani Quarrie was just 7 years old, he asked his mother, Tania Dunbar, how he could help the homeless in his hometown of Margate, Florida. When the shelters Tania contacted told her that Kymani was too young to volunteer, she and her son founded KQ Cares to bring food, relief, and awareness to those in need. Kymani and Tania join us today to tell the incredible story of how this amazing young man, now 12, makes a big difference in his community and inspires other young heroes to do the same.

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Peace Fund Radio #105

As Adrian Paul films THE SECRETS OF EMILY BLAIR (IMDb), Ethan Dettenmaier and I hold down the fort on today’s show (though Adrian does pop in briefly before being whisked back to rehearsing a big scene).

Why does winter break mean hungry holidays for children in 1 in 5 American homes? Ethan and I explore the developmental, educational, and economic impacts of hunger among children and examine the tough choices many families have to make between feeding their children and providing medical care, transportation, and even basic utilities such as heat.

In my Hero of the Week segment, I celebrate the anti-hunger efforts of incredible kids such as Will Lourcey, Joshua Williams, Brittany Amano, Lucy Blossom, Camille and Gabrielle Posard, and Kymani Quarrie before turning the spotlight on Adib Ayay, who uses his skills in technology and business to help farmers in his homeland of Morocco better feed their families and communities.

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