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Hercules on the IMDb!

The Internet Movie Database entry for Hercules: The Beginning has been updated! Click here to see the names of the writers, who just happen to be me and my friend, Kevin Rice, who areĀ writing the screenplay with its producer and star, Alexander Nevsky. Things are moving, and I’ll tell you about them in more detail …

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Big Nevsky news!

(Is there any other kind?) Check out this article about the new $40 million movie studio Alexander Nevsky is building in Russia: Variety: Moscow studios given the go-ahead My writing partner Kevin Rice and I are writing Alexander’s Hercules movie mentioned at the end of the article. Swords, muscles, monsters, magic, beautiful (and powerful) women, …

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New HERCULES press

Check out Obsessed With Film for another quick bit on Hercules: The Beginning, the upcoming film my good friend Kevin Rice and I are writing for/with Russian producer, bodybuilder, author, and action star Alexander Nevsky. The article includes this photo (click it to see it bigger) of Alexander in the gym with Lou Ferrigno, who …

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